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We encourage you to visit our supportive yarn stores listed on the next page to buy your yarn.

Drop off your FINISHED (ends worked in, very small nipples completed or no nipple preferred

UNSTUFFED knockers (please use neutral & pastel colours) at the designated shops, or 

You may also mail them to 136 Whitefield Close NE. Calgary, Alberta T1Y 4X7


Cascade Ultra Pima DK 100% mercerized cotton (not fine), 3 light worsted DK, 22 - 24 sts = 10cm/4 ins


Rowan Summerlite 100% Egyptian cotton, 3 light worsted DK, 22 sts = 10cm/4in


Mirasol Pima Kuri 100% mercerized cotton, 21 - 22 sts= 10cm/4ins (note: this is a thicker yarn, be attentive to your gage)


Patons Grace DK 100% mercerized fine cotton, 3 light sport DK, 24 - 26 sts = 10cm/4ins

the above yarns are very smooth, matte finish, non-fuzzy and less irritating to delicate post-operative skin.

For AQUAKNOCKS (swimming Knockers not for daily use) please use 

Cascade North Shore DK  100% fine acrylic, light worsted, 22 - 24 sts = 10cm/4 ins


King Cole Smooth DK  100% fine acrylic, 22 - 26 sts = 10cm/4ins


Brava Sport Yarn  100% acrylic, 3 light DK, 24 - 26sts = 10cm/4ins

Pastels and neutral colours are preferred.

You are welcome to knit the front in a neutral colour and the back (which will not show)

a different colour to use up your odds & ends.

 Our  Patterns 

       SIDE OPENING for Regular Daily Knockers & AquaKnockers:

 on double pointed needles (DPN's)

                                                                                                                 click  PDF      

         NEW BACK OPENING for Regular Daily Knockers
                              & Aquaknockers:

                                on double pointed needles (DPN's)          click  PDF
Key chain MINI-KNOCKER:  
                                                                       Click PDF

Knitted Knockers Sizing Chart   
Click PDF: 
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