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The Knitting Knockers pattern is not a "beginners" project. You are welcome to take on this challenge, just practice and ask for assistance from more experienced knitters.


Our preferred patterns are available for free under the 'Patterns' page. We have found that these patterns produce nice smooth naturally shaped knockers and are

easier sized.

Sorry but we do not accept crocheted knockers as they are stiffer, not flexible and too rough against the delicate skin of our cancer survivors.


Wooden needles may help if you find your regular knitting needles slippery when doing the nipple area,


We recommend doing a knit front and back increase at the end of each needle. These need to be kept quite tight so that the stuffing doesn’t show through, referred to as ladders.

Most ladies prefer no nipple or a smallish nipple on their knocker, 4 rows of i-cord at the beginning is about right.



Sizes of Knitted Knockers

We need all sizes of Knitted Knockers, especially in

matched pairs. 


Occasionally we will post a plea for specific sizes

on our 



Completed Knockers

After you knit up several knockers (up to 5 per skein), bring them back UNSTUFFED, with all ends worked in, and completed small nipples to the yarn store where you bought the yarn, or to a drop off location noted on our website.


They will be collected and delivered to Knitted Knockers Alberta.


   Regular Knitted Knockers & AquaKnockers

Regular Knitted Knockers (100% cotton)

     Regular Knitted Knockers are sent to you, vacuumed packed and already stuffed with a beautiful soft fibre donated to us.

     They can be worn in your prosthetic or regular bra. You can adjust the fit of your knocker by adding or removing some filling.

     If your Knocker has an opening on the side, it can simply stay open. If it has a back opening, you can pull the drawstring tight and secure it after adjusting the filling.

     Your Knocker can go in the laundry, in a mesh laundry bag, on a gentle cycle, or hand washed and hang to dry. A very short time in the dryer can be used if needed.

AquaKnocker or Swimming Knocker (100% acrylic)

     The AquaKnocker is made specially for wearing in your swimsuit. It will not retain water and is not meant for daily wear.

      You will receive the AquaKnocker vacuumed packed unstuffed. Just purchase 2 or more bath poufs for the stuffing.

       Snip the cord that holds the pouf together and you will have a long strip of netting. Then gently

stuff your Knocker, it will not be as

smooth as the regular Knocker but

will do the job beautifully in the

molded cup of your swimsuit.



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