Soft . Lightweight . Breathable


Knitted Knockers are breast prosthetics, knitted by our amazing volunteers, for women who have had a mastectomy. or lumpectomy. They are a soft, lightweight alternative to the standard silicone prosthesis that many women find heavy and hot to wear. Knitted Knockers fit into a regular bra where they take on the shape of a real breast. They are provided FREE of charge upon request. 

There are many ways to donate. You can purchase yarn for knitters, you can knit the knockers yourself, or we also accept monetary gifts.

To provide a FREE comfortable alternative breast prosthetic to any Canadian woman who requests one.

Knitted Knockers Alberta & Canada's Head Office is in Calgary Alberta. We provide free knitted knockers to all Canadian breast cancer survivors.


This website is dedicated to Leigh Magnussen, whose passion for life and courage to deal with it's adversities with grace and tenacity, are an inspiration to us all.


- Knitted Knockers Alberta